Since 1974 HIDRACAR S.A. manufactures pulsation dampers, oleo-pneumatic accumulators and related equipment for their application in all kinds of industry. We design and manufacture all our products and components in our premises.

HIDRACAR S.A. is a leader in the field of pulsation dampeners, oleo-pneumatic accumulators, shock absorbers, oleo-hydraulic starters for Diesel engines and oleo-pneumatic suspensions for agricultural tankers and trailers.

Our experience and knowledge is at the total disposition of our customers, whose trust in our products has managed to make present the brand HIDRACAR all around the World.


When you buy a HIDRACAR accumulator or pulsation dampener, you get:

  • 40 years of EXPERIENCE in designing, manufacturing and applying hydro-pneumatic accumulators.
  • A pressure apparatus that meets the CE regulations.
  • The machining precision of CNC lathes and milling machines.
  • Safety:
    • All our accumulators undergo hydraulic tests at 1.5 times its maximum DESIGN pressure.
    • We have liability insurance coverage.
  • QUALITY control:
    • We meet the ISO 9001 certification standards.
    • We are an ASME certificate company (no.: U-56636).
    • We are commited with the company’s quality policy.
    • We keep a computerised manufacturing registry control that makes possible to identify every single accumulator manufactured by us since 1976.
    • The charging gas valve keeps its seal up to 1,000 bar.

With all the features shown above, do you still have any doubt? If so, please, contact us; we will clarify any data or give you any extra information you could need. We are waiting for your enquiries.