Oleo-pneumatic accumulators

The oleo-pneumatic accumulators have many generic applications: Energy storage, impact absorption, dampening of water hammer effect, transference of pressure between two different fluids, keeping the pressure in leaking circuits, to compensate the variations in the volume of a liquid due to its thermal dilatation, machine tools, etc…

Oleo-pneumatic accumulators are used in hydraulic applications of all kind of sectors: Agricultural, chemical, transport, power generation, etc…

Though, strictly speaking, oleo-pneumatic accumulators are used in oleo-hydraulic circuits (hence the “oleo” part of the name), there are certain applications where, nevertheless, water is used instead of oil.

There are two kinds of oleo-pneumatic accumulators: Piston type and bladder type.


Hidracar accumulator reference code identification (pdf file).



Oleo-pneumatic accumulators for farming applications (pdf file).



Advice on the election and proper use of an oleo-pneumatic accumulator (pdf file).

Differential working characteristics between piston type and bladder type accumulators (pdf file).

Application of oleo-pneumatic accumulators in machine-tools (pdf file).

Application of oleo-pneumatic accumulators in bearing lubrication circuits (pdf file).

Application of oleo-pneumatic accumulators in ploughs to release a jammed ploughshare (pdf file).

Diagram of the assembly of the accumulator in the oleo-pneumatic suspension of scrapers (pdf file).

Transformation of a double effect cylinder into a single effect one in order to make it work either as a lifting cylinder or as a shock absorber, with an oleo-pneumatic accumulator attached (pdf file).