“I’m the owner of a livestock farm in Sant Joan de Mollet, in the province of Gerona, in Spain.

I installed my first HIDRACAR suspension cylinder in a slurry tanker with no suspension whatsoever, with the help of both HIDRACAR technical department and a local workshop.

Lluis Martí older HIDRACAR suspension cylinder (1)Lluis Martí by his older tanker, back in year 2003, with its first HIDRACAR suspension cylinder freshly installed. A HIDRACAR gas charge verification accessory can also be seen, still attached on top of its accumulator.

In 2005 I bought a new, bigger tanker and I asked the manufacturer to have another HIDRACAR cylinder installed in it.

So far, both keep working satisfactorily. I think they both together sum up more than 12,000 Km till now.

The driving comfort I have experienced just can’t be beaten. It feels as if the tanker was floating behind the tractor. That really annoying swinging of the seat back that made my back ache badly is just gone forever!

What amazes me the most of this solution is that the suspension is almost the same either with the tank fully loaded or empty.

After the time passing I have noticed this system has another great practical advantage: As the tank gets empty, it now tends to arise at its forward frontal, what makes up for a more complete emptying of the slurry out of the tank. Similarly, when filling the tank, I can detect when it is full just by watching the cylinder reaching its fully compressed reduction length. The suspension cylinder acts like an indicator of the tank load level.”

Lluis Martí older HIDRACAR suspension cylinder (2)Seven years later, in 2010, the same suspension cylinder still at work.
Lluis Martí newer HIDRACAR suspension cylinder (1)Again Lluis Martí, in 2010, this time with his 2005 acquired tanker fitted with another HIDRACAR suspension cylinder.
Lluis Martí newer HIDRACAR suspension cylinder (2)A close up of the same tanker, showing the suspension cylinder in full duty.