HIDRACAR  has available two different kinds of charging valves:


♦  Standard 1/4” BSP charging valves. Available with valve cores for either medium to high pressure (up to 140 bar) or very high pressure (up to 700 bar).

HIDRACAR product codes:

004-AI (with standard pressure valve core).
004-AI-MAP (with very high pressure valve core).




♦  A special valve for accumulators working under pressures higher than 700 bar or at a very high temperature.

HIDRACAR product code: 004-AI-AT/E

This is a coreless valve that keeps its air-tightness by rotating the head of the valve from a position in which its air path is open down into another in which it is fully closed (see photo below).

Standard BSP charging valve

Special charging valve for very high working pressure or temperature