HIDRACAR manufactures a double membrane in order to provide proper 100% air-tightness, which could be otherwise compromised by a simple one when the pulsation dampener is working at relatively high pressure. The double membrane incorporates both a TFM 1705 membrane and a second, either FKM membrane that provides the proper air-tightness.

Available for all of our membrane type pulsation dampener sizes.

All membranes are supplied with a self-centering anti-extrusion button insert made in the same material as the body of the pulsation dampener (stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, polypropylene, PVDF,…).

Double membrane - upper view
Upper (gas side) view of one of our double membranes, showing the FKM membrane and the TFM 1705 membrane underneath.
Bottom (liquid side) view of the same double membrane, showing the main TFM 1705 membrane and the anti-extrusion button insert. The FKM membrane can be seen through the translucent TFM 1705.
.        Side view of the double membrane.