Amortiguadores de pulsaciones de membrana

HIDRACAR Membrane type pulsation dampeners use a TFM 1705 membrane together with a second, FKM, one as separators. The second membrane provides a 100% air-tightness that the porosity of the relatively thin TFM material of the main membrane can’t fully provide under a relatively high pressure.

We normally make the body of our membrane type pulsation dampeners in AISI 316L stainless steel; but we also make them in other materials like Duplex, Hastelloy, PVC, or in other special materials, on request.

Membrane type pulsation dampeners are particularly suited for corrosive liquids.

Though our standard membrane type pulsation dampeners are designed for low and medium pressures, we can also manufacture them for high pressures.

The volume of HIDRACAR membrane type pulsation dampeners range from 0.2 to 15 litres, with design pressures of up to 700 bar.

Apart from our standard design membrane type pulsation dampeners, we also manufacture different types of special design membrane type pulsation dampeners on request.


HIDRACAR accumulator reference code identification (pdf file).


Cut-through view of the gas side of a HIDRACAR membrane type pulsation dampener showing the rubber membrane Cut-through views of one of our membrane dampeners showing the air-tight membrane in its gas side (above) and the TFM membrane in its liquid side (below).Cut-through view of the liquid side of a HIDRACAR membrane type pulsation dampener showing the TFM membrane

Layouts of HIDRACAR standard membrane type pulsation dampeners


Instructions for the use, maintenance & dismantling of the HIDRACAR pulsation dampeners (pdf file).

HIDRACAR membrane type stainless steel body pulsation dampeners technical sheet (AM.AI.BP.IN.DOC) (pdf file).

Operational procedure for using PTFE membrane dampeners in circuits with a wide range of working pressures (pdf file).